Who we are

Data Science & AI Lab(DSAIL, also stands for “Data Sail”) is a research center on data science and artificial intelligence anchored in SIT(Singapore Institute of Technology).We aim to provide data - driven innovation solutions and research to promote the AI transformation of society and industries.

What we do

We develop scalable and intelligent systems and solutions to tackle different real-world issues leveraging on data and technology. Our research brings together the field of data science, artificial intelligence, big data and analytics. In particular, our major research interests, but not limited to, are provided as follows.

Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Text Mining & Natural Language Processing

Computer Vision

Audio & Speech AI

Explainable & Secure AI

Data Mining & Expert Systems

Big Data & Business Intelligence

Our Vision

A premier lab in applied research and innovation for data science and artificial Intelligence to transform society and industry via big data.

Our Mission

To research and develop AI solutions to empower industry and individuals for automation and intelligence.

How we do it

1) We work closely and extensively with our collaborators including the industry sectors, government agencies, local and international IHLs.
2) We help our collaborators identify and shape their data and AI problem statements, propose and develop innovative solutions to tackle their challenges. Our projects are normally funded by industries, SIT internal fundings, and external fundings from funding agencies such as NRF, MOE and LTA.
3) We also provide consultancy and professional/talent training on data science and AI domains.

Our Collaborations

Our research at SIT spans across a diverse range of applied interdisciplinary domains including transport, logistics, telecommunications, healthcare and cyber security. Completed and ongoing projects include industry collaborations with PSA International, Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SingTel), DSO National Laboratories, Land Transport Authority (LTA), Singapore Mass Rapid Transit Corporation (SMRT), Custodio Technologies, Ampotech Pte Ltd, Singapore Power and National Healthcare Group Polyclinics.

Recent News

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